Simplify Your Security with Key Management

Does your business have multiple keys for access to buildings, storage facilities and vehicles? Do you need to ensure they are secure and accounted for so unauthorised access, loss and, ultimately, theft is minimised? Are you sure that the unit you issued is the same that was returned? You cannot risk your levels of security by improperly managing the processes. Not controlling the units’ issuing and return can cost you not only in terms of theft, but also time wasted, interference with your operations and the general safety of your staff.

We will provide comprehensive key management systems

Mega Fortris supplies quality key management solutions including storage setups that can save you the hassle of manually accounting for and tracking them all. In today’s digital world, you cannot be wasting time with a slow and ineffective method; you need an organised, secure and easy way to track everything throughout your operations. Whatever your industry, we are here to deliver you the perfect system for: hospitality, tourism, aged care facilities, airlines, schools, universities, casinos, logistics, hospitals, property developers, security companies and anywhere large numbers of keys are used.